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Meet Galsie!

Galsie is a smart home system aimed at tackling smart living problems,
scaling intelligent features, and improving usability for a smarter,
simpler, and more connected future.

Sets the Lights

Galsie automatically adjust lights and blinds to maintain optimal lighting conditions.

Keeps you Safe

Galsie’s hazard prevention system keeps you aware of any safety risks such as fire, poisonous gases, leaks, and natural disasters.

Maintains Security

Galsie’s threat analysis system tracks risks & identifies security weak points, preventing any unwanted guests or intruders.

Knows the Weather

Galsie tracks the whether through global weather sources & integrated sensors - providing you with a more localized & accurate weather prediction.

Ensures a good Feel

Galsie makes sure indoor conditions are perfectly maintained with changing contexts such as temprature, humidity, and air quality.

Improves your usage

Galsie’s usage analytics help you monitor patterns of consumption, isolate highest consumers, and improve upon your usage.

Sends you messages

Galsie looks out for your home and its residents, so she notifies you of any events that could help increase your comfort & ensure your safety.

Learns your Mood

Galsie builds your own learning profile by learning from your actions and routines. She uses it to cater for your home preferences & match your mood.

Operates your home

Galsie runs automations and abides by rules to operate your home. She suggests new operators and adaptations to help enhance your daily routines.

Smart products

We are working diligently to offer smart home products that enhance all aspects of modern smart home systems.

Galsie’s Doorlock In R&D

A stainless steel door lock, ergonomic,
and the most secure in the market

Galsie’s Light Socket In R&D

Galsie’s Smart Light Socket is a modern & compact solution for conveniently transforming most common lighting fixtures into intelligent ones.

Galsie’s Plug Coming soon

Galsie’s Smart Plug is made with standard dimensions, specifically configured to conveniently upgrade and replace your traditional plugs.


Galsie offers a range of software solutions designed to enhance user experience, guarantee device interoperability, and ensure smooth interaction among systems.


Galsie’s Application, available for phones & tablets, is the hub for managing your homes operation.


Galsie’s Cloud Services features more than 10 microservices working together to ensure a reliable & intelligent home experience.


Galsie’s Device Stack is software stack that operates Galsie’s smart devices & ensures good functionality between them; providing support to the matter protocol.

Research & Development

We envision a more technologically ubiquitous world, and are fully dedicated to achieve this by research, prototyping, and extensive testing.


At Galsie, we are actively looking for ways to improve your home experience, whether its through re-inventing a smart device, or refining upon an existing feature.


Galsie's software - GalApp, GCS, and GDS - are in active development. Similarily, Galsie's doorlock, light socket, and plug are all under development.          

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